Black mage Amanar (Balaban Andrey Anatolievich)

Black mage Amanar (Balaban Andrey Anatolievich)
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+37 28 17 36 382 (assistent)
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The website is written by famous Kyiv sorcerer Amanar, secular name Balaban Andriy Anatoliyovych. Amanar’s book "22 lessons of witchcraft", which was previously published in Russian in Kiev and Moscow, was published in Chicago in English in 2015.
The website contains videos of the black magician Amanar who took part in the Ukrainian TV show "Battle of Psychics" in 2009-2010. The videos are voiced in English. Black magician Amanar receives visitors in Kyiv for many years. This English version of the website belongs to him. He asnwers on Skype and by e-mail himself. In the live conversation he is assisted by his pupil translator.
Итог проверки:
Black magician Amanar (Balaban Andriy Anatoliyovych) was born on January 18, 1979 in Odessa. He is a Ukrainian. He is the author of several books on black magic and witchcraft published in Russian in Kyiv and Moscow (in 2002 to 2019). He participated in the Ukrainian magic TV show Battle of Psychics. He has been arranging personal visits in Kyiv since 2000. He is experienced enough and has a lot of positive feedbacks. His official website in Ukrainian is
His confidence rating in the top magicians is highest, 10 points.
Комментарий удален
Комментарий удален
Casino, in particular the Russian Roulette and Blackjack, have always occupied a special place in my life. I can not say that I'm a gambling addict and ready to lose all that I have, but I am fascinated by the process during which I get the greatest pleasure from the adrenaline rush. I decided to try to seek help from the black magic, namely Amanar. The issue was about winning in gambling. Little time has passed since the magical work, but as an avid gambler I can say that this magician knows his work.
I have an enemy. The enemy, who ruined my life. I myself am a Catholic, but my anger and my hatred made me consult Amanar, the sorcerer. Perhaps I make a rash and foolish step, the fruit of which I will have to harvest after the death, but now I do not care. My order was related to punishment of my enemy, who took a precious thing from my life. I think, I should not get into details. The sorcerer done his job on time.
I have recently started to learn black magic. I purchased the book of the black magician Amanar «22 lessons of witchcraft.» This is a complete tutorial on witchcraft without any admixture of religion. Now I started learning personally from Amanar. It is still early to say something, but I an very pleased with the beginning.
I called magician Amanar by skype and discussed the issue related to my business. I found the black magician Amanar due to the book which I bought in Chicago. It is an interesting and serious textbook. In the preface there is a link to the website. My business concerns the sale of certain goods through a network of my stores. Recently, the main buyer started buying more from my competitor, even though we have the same the goods, and my prices are a little lower. After a certain time after the magical work that I have ordered my business recovered. I can only say that the quality of work suits me
I found the website of the black magician Amanara on I talked on the phone to his secretary (his pupil). My question was related to the return of my wife to the family. I sent our photos and names by e-mail, got a short but comprehensive answer, ordered and paid for the work of the magician. Two weeks later I received the promised result. I am satisfied by his work. He is a real magician. I can recommend him.